Need a health reboot?


As someone with a chronic illness, I know what it’s like to feel like I would never heal. I kept moving forward, and there was lots of help along the way. So when my colleague Maureen Vincenty invited me to be a guest speaker on her Health Reboot Summit, I …

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Guest Appearance on Empowering Women, Transforming Lives on Voice America

I had the pleasure of being a guest on Rebecca Hall Gruyter’s fabulous radio show Empowering Women, Transforming Lives on Voice America recently, sharing about how to live the challenges you face in your life as an adventure (even when they don’t feel like one!). Rebecca is a very gracious …

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Are You Living Your Adventure? Second Appearance on Coffee & Coaching with Caryn


My second appearance on the podcast Coffee and Coaching with Caryn released today, talking about the keys to living your adventure! Caryn Fitzgerald and I talked about the difference between outer and inner adventure, what it means to say yes to your call to adventure and thrive in uncertainty, and …

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Interview on the Kharisma Lifestyle Entrepreneur Show

I recently talked to Kharisma Aro on her show, sharing a few tips for how to make small lifestyle changes successfully. It’s a short interview that you can find here.

Appearance on Coffee & Coaching with Caryn

I had the pleasure of talking with Caryn Fitzgerald on her show Coffee & Coaching with Caryn about how we give away our power, some of the ways we can take it back, barriers to doing so, and being more successful at making change. We had so much fun chatting …

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6 Beautifully Simple Ways to Prioritize Self-Care This Year

I’m so pleased that my recent article, 6 Beautifully Simple Ways to Prioritize Self-Care This Year, was published as a guest blog post on Katie Cleary’s site, You might recall Katie was a recent guest, talking about how to manage an autoimmune disorder while raising a family. I enjoyed …

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Appearance on Inspired Works podcast


I was recently the featured guest on an episode of Chuck Wang’s Inspired Works podcast. We talked about a variety of topics, including holistic health, autoimmunity, how to betray yourself and how to get out of betraying yourself, and various aspects of the journey of transformation. I thoroughly enjoyed talking …

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Interview on LA Talk Radio with Dr. Lagrasso


I was a guest on Dr. Lagrasso’s Beauty and Wellness Show on LA Talk Radio in October. Our conversation focused on change, though I also talked a bit about autoimmunity and taking back power over your health.     Listen to the talk here: Enjoy listening!

Guest appearances on Speak Up and Stay Alive

I’m pleased to share with you my appearance this week and next on the amazing Pat Rullo’s radio show, Speak Up and Stay Alive. Pat and I talked about autoimmune disease and taking back power over your health and wellbeing. The first appearance will be tomorrow, Saturday October 18 with …

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An Interview of Me!

I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by my friend and colleague Fiona Moore, a spiritual mentor and healer (and upcoming guest on Autoimmune Adventures). Fiona has posted our conversation on her website, and it is available for anyone to listen to straight off the site or as a …

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