Giving Thanks For Your Body


It’s Thanksgiving, and everywhere you can find messages about what to be grateful for. If you have a chronic illness, the body might be one of the last things you would think about appreciating. I invite you this year to find as many things to appreciate about your body as you …

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A Compelling, Thought-Provoking Review

Kendra Mellinger, my guest on the third episode, wrote the below review of Autoimmune Adventures on iTunes. I am re-posting here because I think Kendra raised a number of important points and brought a welcome level of awareness and critique to difficult questions. Many thanks to Kendra for her well …

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Instructions for iTunes: Subscribe and Rating/Review

If you do not know how to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes or leave a rating or review, here’s a very short video showing you how. You need to have downloaded and installed iTunes on your computer already.   If you’d prefer written instructions, here they are: To subscribe: …

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