Amplify Your Well Being. Episode 22 Show Notes

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How can you increase your well being through balancing satisfaction in all areas of your life?

Research shows that overall well being is not just about physical health. Instead, it is closely tied to how you are doing across the whole of your life. All areas of life are interdependent, and how you feel about any one can affect how you are doing in general.  When you are aware of those areas that you feel unhappy about, it opens the possibility of taking new action to increase your satisfaction in that area. General well being expands as you take steps toward contentment in each area.

In the Circle of Life exercise, you can assess twelve areas of your life for your level of fulfillment. How satisfied are you with your career, education, confidence, spirituality, creativity, social life, relationships, home environment, home cooking/food, physical activity, health, and finances? Once you’ve completed the Circle of Life exercise, you can look at the areas you are most and least happy with, as well as the interaction between all areas, to determine what steps you can take to expand your wellbeing.

What I talk about

  • What primary foods and secondary foods are and how that relates to well being
  • Importance of the interaction between different elements of well being
  • How to use the Circle of Life exercise to assess your satisfaction in different areas of your life
  • What to ask yourself once you know the areas you are least satisfied with
  • Why you might also pay attention to the three areas in which you are most satisfied
  • The number one best way to decide to take action to increase wellbeing


Gallup research on well being:

edX: University Courses online (audit for free):

iTunes University:

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