Autoimmunity as a Bearer of Joy: Jessica Flanigan. Episode 12 Show Notes.

JessJanBioPicHow can we view everything as a blessing? Including being on a restricted diet, such as the Autoimmune Protocol?

As a clinical nutritionist, Jessica Flanigan supports people with autoimmune disorders to eat in a way conducive to healing, in particular through the Autoimmune Protocol diet. In this episode we cover the basics of the Autoimmune Protocol, including how to get started on a restrictive diet and what to do when you fall off the wagon.

Since food and diet are one path into the deeper internal journey of healing, we also talk about how to embrace everything—from the frustrations of being on a diet to having an autoimmune disease in the first place. When you can reframe your illness to see that it is here to uplift you and go after the blessing in all that happens, it can change your health. As Jessica reminds us, all it takes is choice.

problem_blessingWhat Jessica and I talk about

  • How her twin sister’s illness provided motivation to change her diet
  • What the Autoimmune Protocol diet is
  • The kinds of lab testing that can be helpful in addition to a diet
  • How to get started on a restricted diet
  • How to feel like you are not on a restricted diet (even when you are)
  • How the Autoimmune Protocol is a lifestyle
  • The many different systems that impact our immune system
  • The healing power of embracing the difficulties and “distractions”
  • How to reframe when we “fall off the wagon”
  • Finding the blessing in challenges
  • Getting out of the good-bad polarity and embracing experience
  • The one thing that is required to approach healing from a loving place

Notable Quotes

“It’s never about the food, really, it’s never about the supplements. It’s 100% about the internal journey.”

“The beauty of autoimmune disease from my point of view is that it is the bearer of joy that won’t ever let go of you.”

“Disease is just coming forward in your life for your upliftment, as all challenging things are, and all joyful things are too.”

About Jessica

Jessica has been a clinical nutritionist for 17 years and is one of the Autoimmune Paleo movement leaders.  She holds a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Biology and attended Bastyr University Masters Degree in Nutrition program. Jessica has worked extensively in private practice while working with many practitioners such as medical doctors, chiropractors, acupuncturists and body workers. Her clinical practice focuses on supporting those with autoimmune disease, healing the gut, and addressing nutritional aspects of adrenal dysfunction and endocrine disorders. I also evaluate lab tests for nutritional issues, and go over supplement protocols as well.

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