Building Your Resilience. Episode 18 Show Notes

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“The greatest glory in living 
lies not in never falling,
 but in rising every time we fall.” ― Nelson Mandela

How can you increase your resilience?

Resilience refers to the flexibility and adaptability to be in adversity and integrate it. Being resilient is a skill that you can develop, not a trait that is fixed. If you have a chronic illness, you can rely on the resilience you’ve already built, and continue to increase it through a variety of methods.

Your ability to be resilient is hindered when certain belief systems and habits take over, such as feeling powerless and isolating yourself from social relationships. Building resilience is a matter of consciously considering your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors and what changes you can make on a daily basis to help you better be able to be in stressful situations.


What I talk about

  • Definition of resilience
  • Factors that keep us from being resilient
  • How a growth mindset instead of a fixed mindset increases resilience
  • How to shift from seeing something as a threat to seeing it as a challenge
  • How to notice and change when you think you’re a victim
  • The role meaning and significance play in resilience
  • An exercise that helps you use past success to meet present challenge
  • Why it’s a good idea to celebrate your resilience
  • The key to positive emotions and resilience
  • The critical role of social support in resilience

Notable Quotes

“When you celebrate your own resilience, you create this lovely feedback loop that actually increases your resilience.”

“It’s the struggle with adversity, the learning from it, the persevering through it. That’s what builds resilience.”

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