Emotional Side of Financial Fallout: Candice McGarvey. Episode 29 Show Notes

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candiceHow do you emotionally handle financial difficulties due to a chronic illness?

Many of us are unprepared for the financial fallout that can accompany having a chronic illness. Candice McGarvey, a Certified Financial Planner, knows from personal experience the devastating impact medical bills can have on well-being. In a short time her family went from a solid financial plan to facing overwhelming medical bills when her then one-year-old son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.

In this episode, Candice and I discuss how to cope emotionally with money issues when faced with illness (in the next episode we will cover the practical and logistical aspects). Acknowledging your own emotional limits to deal with the situation and finding the right support to help you are crucial. Even while still in financial crisis, you can change your relationship with money and increase your financial well-being.

What Candice and I talk about

  • How Candice went from a solid financial plan to nearing financial ruin
  • What to do when you emotionally cannot deal with medical bills
  • The importance of an advocate and different ways to find support
  • Important tips when having an advocate making financial calls on your behalf
  • brutal_beautyWhy close family members may not be able to help and who to call on instead
  • Being aware of your own emotional triggers around financial issues and how to take care of yourself when they come up
  • A key question to ask yourself when feeling overwhelmed
  • The resource Candice used to shift her relationship with money
  • Finding support with friends to shift your relationship with money
  • What is financial wellness?

Notable Quotes

“I think that’s how you get through the marathon, you just do one day at a time and you try to find some beauty in it.”

“Money is just one tool, one resource that we have in an otherwise huge bucket of resources.”

About Candice

Candice McGarvey is the Chief Story Changer of Her Dollars Financial Coaching. By working with women to increase their financial wellness, Candice brings clients through a variety life transitions. Her sessions feel more like a coffee date than a meeting, and her passion is improving her clients’ financial peace. Her son was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder as a baby, and her experiences as his caretaker have greatly impacted her outlook on money issues. She has worked in the financial industry for more than 20 years and has passed the board exams and continuing education requirements to become a Certified Financial Planner.

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