Episode 1 Show Notes. Illness: From Wrongness to Rightness

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As someone living with chronic illness, including an autoimmune disorder, I am interested in not just my own illness, but autoimmunity as a whole. What is going on in the body with this whole constellation of disorders? (Over one hundred autoimmune illnesses have been identified.) How do those of us living with an autoimmune disorder live well with our chronic illness, and how do we heal?

These are the questions that motivated me to start this podcast, Autoimmune Adventures. This first episode introduces the podcast and me, and lays the foundation through outlining my perspective on illness and the path of healing and transformation, and explaining all I want to explore in upcoming episodes.

What I talk about:

  •  Who this podcast is for (and is not for)
  • Who I am and why I am creating Autoimmune Adventures
  • Intentions for the podcast
  • Why it’s called Autoimmune Adventures
  • What you can expect on future episodes: Topics, themes, guests
  • Importance of reframing our experience

Notable Quotes

“What if we could embrace our whole self in our health and our illness, and what if through our illness we can be lead to embrace our whole self? Can we recognize that disease and illness are simply one path that will lead us toward the joy of knowing our true being and living that in the world?”

“Regardless of what is happening in our lives, Life ought to be an adventure.”

“I believe that we can all be big enough, whole enough, to be in harmony with all of it, and I trust that doing so will have a profound impact on the physical body.”

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