Episode 3 Show Notes. Leading A Great Life, With Hashimoto’s: Kendra Mellinger

biopicHow do you live a good life while having an autoimmune disorder?

Twenty years ago, Kendra Mellinger was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis after a routine checkup uncovered a lump in her throat. In the ensuing years, Kendra has pursued many avenues to support her health and wellbeing, including both conventional medicine and alternative approaches, and incorporating emotional and spiritual practices. In this conversation, she shares some of her journey and the wisdom and knowledge she has gained through her experience.

What Kendra and I talk about

  • The wake-up call of Kendra’s diagnosis of Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis
  • What Kendra has tried that has helped her feel better
  • Kendra’s emotional reaction to recent blood tests that showed all levels in the normal range
  • The importance of both conventional and complementary approaches
  • The value of the overwhelming amount of information out there
  • How to make decisions regarding your health and health care
  • How Kendra sees trust as related to autoimmunity
  • What it means to take responsibility for your health

Notable Quotes

“The diagnosis does not define you. It’s something new, it’s a new autoimmune adventure, but it’s not everything and it doesn’t have to consume you.”

“The step that has been important for me to make is to look for that decision making voice within.”

“In a way a diagnosis, especially for autoimmune disease, is almost an invitation to get to know yourself better.”


About Kendra

Kendra is a homeschooling parent in Southern California. A marketing professional for thirteen years, she also studied chemical engineering, attended seminary, and earned a master’s degree in consciousness studies from John F. Kennedy University. She’s done freelance writing in the field of holistic health, and is currently studying art and interior design. She has benefitted from many forms of complementary healthcare, including acupuncture, naturopathy, Neuro Emotional Technique, chiropractic, meditation, detox cleansing and spiritual practice.

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