Episode 5 Show Notes. An Experiment of One: Kelly Basinger on Living With Multiple Sclerosis

headshot2In 2007, Kelly began to notice that she was losing elements of grammar and the spelling of words, problematic for a professional grantwriter. In looking at her first MRI, the doctor told her she had the brain of an 85-90 year old person. Yet it took eighteen months before Kelly was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.

In this episode, Kelly shares her journey, including how she went from needing support to walk very far to now being able to run miles each day. With a message of gratitude and hope, Kelly reflects on how far she has come and how she continues to tweak her life to be even healthier.

What Kelly and I talk about

  • How Kelly got diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis after 18 months and 3 neurologists
  • How she used her own experience to create something that would lift her mood
  • The impact Reiki had on her health and healing
  • What Kelly has done to take her brain from looking like a 90-yr old’s, riddled with lesions, to a brain that looks her age
  • How the mindset of the “experiment of one” helped her navigate information
  • What goals she set to support her healing journey and how she continues to use goals
  • How her husband has helped her find practitioners she can trust
  • How Kelly sees her experience of Multiple Sclerosis as a gift

Notable Quotes

“I believe yes you can heal, and I believe for me it’s not been one thing—it’s been using western medicine, it’s been eating right, it’s been exercising, it’s been holistic care and using energy medicine of Reiki. I was just determined to get to a place that I felt better every single day.”

“We’re all an experiment of one, so everybody has to figure out what works best for them.”

About Kelly

Kelly has survived a brain tumor and has been living with MS for the last six years. Both issues have provided her with opportunities to take charge of her physical well being and change her life.

After working in the stressful environments of advertising copywriting and non-profit grant proposal writing, Kelly sought a new, more peaceful career. Long interested in nutrition, physical wellness, emotional balance and spiritual growth, she found Reiki as a way to open the door to each of these goals. She loves to help people find and create balance in their lives through Reiki and coaching.

Kelly has a book she wrote and drew called Drawing My Own Conclusions, published in 2011. And if you ever need a cookie, Kelly always has homemade ones on hand.

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  1. I appreciate this podcast. I love writing my blog (My Multiple Strengths) and find sharing information to be so healing and helpful.

    This is one of my stories

    • Hi Melissa,
      Thanks for visiting and commenting! I enjoyed reading your post and your approach to healing, very much in alignment with what we cover here. Glad to hear that you are finding some success with it.

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