Episode 6 Show Notes. Being Fierce: LeeAnn Mallorie

leeann_croppedWhat does it take to heal? This episode explores that question in many ways, including:

  • Being fierce with yourself,
  • Finding your “one thing,”
  • Listening to your body,
  • Leaning into discomfort,
  • Discovering your purpose.

In her own healing journey, LeeAnn realized the deep connection that existed for her between physical and emotional wellness. Facing her addictive patterns in relationship proved to be an important part of her path. In learning to listen to her intuition and body knowing, LeeAnn discovered a source of knowing that continues to inform her decisions today.

What LeeAnn and I talk about

  • LeeAnn’s story of illness and healing
  • The link between emotional experience and physical health/illness
  • The “one thing” that can most help you heal (or most stand in the way of healing)
  • What it takes to heal or change the “one thing”
  • How the body speaks to us
  • How to tap into intuition and body knowing, to start listening to your body
  • Why it’s important to lean into being uncomfortable
  • What the connection is between purpose and wellness

Notable Quotes

“I think purpose is the answer to the question… what do I care so much about that I’m willing to lean into discomfort and heal myself…what do I care so much about that I’m willing to get out of bed in the morning when I feel so tired and sick and don’t really want to.”

“I started to really be fierce with myself about not doing the behaviors that I felt were causing me to wilt.”

RolfGibbs 327About LeeAnn

LeeAnn Mallorie is a Certified Somatic Coach, Conscious Dance facilitator and Sound & Voice healer. She is an expert at embodiment, working with clients to help them feel more centered, present, integrated and fully alive. Her passion is unlocking the human spirit through practices that access the power and wisdom of the physical body.

Currently LeeAnn works with clients through private coaching & movement sessions. She also leads corporate and community training courses, exploring leadership and communication using a blend of dialog, on-the-spot coaching, and physical (dance or martial arts based) activities.

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Whether you’re a seasoned dancer, or never stepped foot on a dance floor, this journey can help you connect more deeply with yourself, feel more at home in your body, more empowered, peaceful and free. The only rule is…there’s no way to do it wrong. Just close your eyes, follow my voice, and listen to your body for its natural impulses to move. Enjoy!

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