What’s Your Call to Adventure? Living Your Healing Journey Part 1. Episode 7 Show Notes

CompassWhat is the call to adventure, and how do you know if you are in one?

If you’ve ever had an experience that causes you to question who you are or the way you think the world works, you’ve experienced a call to adventure, even if you didn’t realize it at the time. The term “call to adventure” comes out of mythology and fairy tales; these tales, which can be read as roadmaps to the journey of creating more wholeness in consciousness, all begin with a call to adventure. The call sets you on the path to shifting fundamental aspects of who you are, such as your identity, worldview, core assumptions, and ways of being in the world.

I discuss four main ways that you might experience a call to adventure: crisis, discontent, peak experiences, and disorienting dilemma. A crisis might come through an illness, death of someone close to you, or major loss of any type. Similar experiences of significant changes in your life—even when they are positive—can also serve as a call to adventure.

If you feel something is missing or a longing for more, your discontent can also be a call to adventure, leading you to seek and in the process learn more about who you are. Peak experiences can also begin the path of transformation, as higher states of consciousness break in on your everyday awareness.

The disorienting dilemma is both a category unto itself and also an umbrella to the previous categories; it is an internal crisis. Something happens that causes you to question who you are or the way the world works. It’s disorienting in that beliefs you may not even be aware of are shaken to their foundation. It’s a dilemma because it requires a choice—to assimilate the new information into your current worldview, or to grow your worldview to incorporate the new information.

What I talk about

  • What a call to adventure is
  • The four primary ways a call to adventure occurs: crisis, discontent, peak experiences, and disorienting dilemma
  • Why a disorienting dilemma is key to the call to adventure
  • An example of how an illness or diagnosis can be a disorienting dilemma (and call to adventure)
  • The difference between “receiving” and “choosing” a call to adventure
  • How to find a call to adventure in your life

Notable Quotes

“You can choose to see the call to adventure in what’s happening in your life right now.”

You often can’t see very far down the path. That’s part of what makes it an adventure.

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