Exploring Your Key Questions: Living Your Healing Journey Part 7. Episode 35 Show Notes

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swirlingamystery_qthomasbower_flickr“Questioning leads to inquiry, and inquiry leads…the ego knows not where, yet the Self knows, to discovery of itSelf. Longing and inquiry crack the ice of identity from below, so new knowledge of the self and new energy can flow forth. The fissure forms an opening through which we discover parts unknown, sometimes beautiful, sometimes ugly, but somehow always real and true and a gift, giving us back ourselves.”  -Julie Stiles

When you find yourself in times of uncertainty, as you will if you are on a healing journey, you might notice an abundance of questions. How you question has a lot to do with whether you sabotage your inward journey or dive deeper into it. Are you seeking answers or are you seeking you?

On this episode explore the types of key questions that support the unfolding of your process, interrupt the mental structures you’ve created, and generate new possibilities your life. Learn how to live these questions through bringing certain qualities to your experience, exploring the questions in a way that works for you, and bringing them into your daily life.

What I talk about

  • What is the shadow side of questioning?
  • Why questions that begin with “Why…?” may not be the most helpful questions to ask
  • Three types of key questions you can explore that lead you further into you
  • The critical importance of being open to any transformation, change, or healing process
  • Four qualities that help you shift from the shadow side of questioning to living your questions
  • How exploring key questions is like improvisation (and how it leads to new possibilities)
  • Why it’s difficult to have perspective on your healing journey while you’re in it (and what can help when you feel lost)

Notable Quotes

“A deeper part of us creates the curiosity to pursue the questions, a knowing that seeks greater consciousness and will not rest.”

“See the questions as a mystery to pursue that leads you into you.”


Women Who Run with the Wolves: Myths and Stories of the Wild Woman Archetype, by Clarissa Pinkola Estés

Inner Work: Using Dreams and Active Imagination for Personal Growth, by Robert A. Johnson

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photo credit: QThomasBower, “Swirling A Mystery” on Flickr, used under creative commons license.

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