Giving Thanks For Your Body

stockimages_freedigitalphotosnetIt’s Thanksgiving, and everywhere you can find messages about what to be grateful for. If you have a chronic illness, the body might be one of the last things you would think about appreciating. I invite you this year to find as many things to appreciate about your body as you can.

I recently read an article on CNN by a hospice chaplain talking about how people who are dying regret the time they wasted hating their bodies.

They lived their lives thinking their bodies were something to tolerate at best, something to criticize, to despise, at worst — a problem they could never correct.

I thought the saddest and most unfortunate (because it’s so true for so many of us) quote in the article was this:

“The world’s been telling me for 75 years that my body is bad. First for being female, then for being fat and then for being sick.”

The messages from others about the body are difficult to dislodge, especially when you’ve internalized them. But they can be shaken loose, bit by bit, and one way to do it is through gratitude and appreciation. Can you take some time today, and tomorrow, and the next day, to counter all of those messages? To look in the mirror and thank your eyes for how they see, and your hands for how they touch, and your feet for carrying you through the world? How many things about your body can you find to be grateful for? How many ways can you show appreciation to your body?

How might you change your experience of being embodied if you took some time every day to give thanks and appreciation for your body?

The woman who said the above quote also said, despite all that she’d been through with her body:

I don’t hate my body. They were wrong, and they always have been.


Please read the above article, and then share in the comments below or on this post on the Autoimmune Adventures facebook page what you appreciate about your body today.


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