Healing with Chinese and Functional Medicine: Anne Angelone. Episode 32 Show Notes

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anne_angeloneDifferent approaches can offer new perspectives on healing autoimmunity. Acupuncturist and herbalist Anne Angelone shares ideas from both Chinese Medicine and Functional Medicine. From the inner tradition of Chinese Medicine comes the idea of medicine as an aid to spiritual evolution and the importance of looking at what you are identified with. Functional Medicine brings in the physical testing to find and address underlying causes.

Practical tips include using breath to regulate chi and use the autoimmune protocol to address nutritional imbalances and help heal the gut and mucosal immunity. Anne shares her own personal experience of struggling with undiagnosed ankylosing spondylitis and what has helped in her healing journey.

What Anne and I talk about

  • Anne’s journey to getting diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis
  • The spiritual underpinning to Chinese Medicine
  • How Chinese Medicine views the body and emotions
  • Similarities and differences between Chinese Medicine and Functional Medicine
  • Using breath to regulate chi
  • Key nutritional factors to help balance and regulate the immune system
  • Why antibiotics are sometimes necessary on the road to healing autoimmunity
  • How long it might take to heal the underlying factors causing autoimmunity
  • The difference between upstream and downstream approaches to inflammation
  • How to silence inflammatory gene expression
  • Common roadblocks to healing
  • Anne’s key self-care tasks to stay healthy

Notable Quotes

“I think that can be scary for people to recognize that they have all this energy now to do what they want to do and it wasn’t that clear to them previously, so now you have a whole new stress. Hopefully it’s a good one, but I think that maybe delays healing in some ways.”

“Are you identified with your disease? Or are you identified with healing?”

About Anne

Anne Angelone is a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist dedicated to reversing autoimmune et al chronic disease with diet and natural medicine. Anne complements her practice of Chinese Medicine with Functional Medicine and Paleo nutrition to effectively serve patients suffering from chronic immune and inflammatory conditions. Anne credits the reduction of her own autoimmune flare ups to a combination of the autoimmune protocol, acupuncture, exercise and functional medicine. Anne also currently serves as a Functional Medicine Consultant on The Paleo Mom’s Consulting Team.

Anne is the author of The Autoimmune Paleo Breakthrough which proposes a new functional medicine treatment model that incorporates the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol template along with testing for underlying causes of autoimmunity. To help people get informed about the important role of testing for autoimmune disease, Anne offers classes for patients and practitioners to learn more about Functional Medicine Tests as well as self testing and clearing SIBO and Dysbiosis.

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