Instructions for iTunes: Subscribe and Rating/Review

If you do not know how to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes or leave a rating or review, here’s a very short video showing you how. You need to have downloaded and installed iTunes on your computer already.


If you’d prefer written instructions, here they are:

To subscribe:

  1. Go to
  2. You’ll see under the image on the left it has a blue button says “view in iTunes” -click that
  3. This should open your iTunes (might ask your ok to launch program first), and take you directly to the podcast page in the iTunes store.
  4. Again under the image on the left, you should see a button that says “subscribe”—click that button
  5. It will ask you to confirm subscribing, click to confirm.

To rate or leave a review:

  1. From the same podcast page in iTunes, click on “Ratings and Reviews”
  2. Either simply click the number of stars, or click the “Write a Review” button under Customer Reviews.
  3. Enter a title for your review in the title box, click the number of stars, and then write your review
  4. Click submit!

And thank you!!

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