Let Go With Ease: Living Your Healing Journey Part 5. Episode 28 Show Notes

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Freedom #2In Episode 26, I talked about a framework for letting go of beliefs and identities that are no longer working for you. Sometimes, however, letting go proves to be more difficult, especially when you find a pattern of thinking or being that has defined your life up until now. You might be aware that it isn’t working, but still find it difficult to let go.

In this episode, I talk about four methods that you can bring to these sticky situations of letting go that might help loosen the pattern, shifting your relationship with it. These four methods are to:

  • Learn from it
  • Choose to let go (just for this moment)
  • Apply lessons from when letting go is easy, and
  • Find something to let go into

Being aware of what isn’t working in your life and letting it go allows you to step more fully into creating your own future—the future you want—instead of allowing the beliefs and identities from your past to create a default future.

What I talk about

  • How being on the personal development path can create judgment about letting go
  • What to do so that letting go happens naturally (or becomes irrelevant)
  • A simple exercise you can try that sheds new light on letting something go
  • Three questions to ask that help you choose to let go
  • How to apply times when letting go is easy to times when it isn’t
  • Finding what you are letting go into (rather than letting go of)

Notable Quotes

“Instead of allowing the past…to create our future in an unconscious way, we become conscious participants in creating our future of health and healing.”


Presence: Human Purpose and the Field of the Future, by Peter Senge

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