Mistakes That Undermine Wellbeing: Fiona Moore. Episode 14 Show Notes

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What is wellbeing and how do we increase it?

Spiritual mentor and healer Fiona Moore shares with us her understanding of wellbeing as a constant state that emanates from the core intelligence within us that is always on our side. When we can rest in that intelligence, we tap into the power of it to resolve disease.

People commonly make three mistakes that undermine wellbeing: thinking that illness is wrong, that it is a problem to be changed, and that they need to do something to fix it. While closely related, we look at these three mistakes separately to tease out the implications and the ways we can shift our internal attitude to avoid making them. In activating our energetic heart, we can allow the qualities of wellbeing already within us to begin to emerge and inform our experience.

fix-it approachWhat Fiona and I talk about

  • What is wellbeing?
  • The difference between healing and curing
  • How happiness relates to wellbeing
  • How Fiona became a healer
  • How illness is a pattern in consciousness, and what it takes to change it
  • Why it undermines wellbeing to think illness is wrong or bad
  • The importance of practicing non-judgment toward our experience
  • Why it doesn’t work to try to change the “problem” of illness
  • How to escape from the common impulse to try to fix yourself and your illness
  • How connecting with the heart allows the natural qualities of curiosity, kindness, and love to emerge

Notable Quotes

“Illness is really inviting us to transform, reshape ourselves in life. We allow that energy to come out of the illness and be the fuel that illuminates our life, that re-patterns in our life as greater clarity, greater contentment, and greater knowing what we’re here for.”

“True wellbeing never fluctuates, meaning that at our core, we are always in a state of wellbeing, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally.”

About Fiona

Fiona Moore is a Spiritual Mentor and Healer who mentors clients worldwide in individual and group programs.  Fiona teaches how everything in life, including what we struggle with, is designed to open a space in our heart, for the power of love to reveal our innate wholeness—healing and transforming all forms of struggle into peace and enlightened possibilities. Fiona is dedicated to assisting the global awakening which is creating a new paradigm where our lives are no longer fueled by fear, but are governed by love, cooperation and peace.

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