On Being A Mom With Autoimmunity: Katie Cleary. Episode 27 Show Notes

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KatieClearyHow do you manage challenging health issues while raising a family?

Since 75% of people with autoimmune disease are women, and these disorders often strike in the prime of life (with pregnancy a key time of onset), many women with autoimmunity are trying to raise a family while managing their health condition. Katie Cleary is one of them.

Katie was first diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disorder—pleva—during her second pregnancy, and then later found she also had Hashimoto’s. Her health challenges made adjusting to another child in the family difficult, especially since it took years before she understood what was happening and what changes she needed to make to support her health. Katie started autoimmunemom.com to remedy the lack of in-depth online information about autoimmunity when she needed it. Now five years into her autoimmune healing journey, Katie has a wealth of experience to share about coping with health issues while being a mom.

gratitude_katieWhat Katie and I talk about

  • Katie’s story of being diagnosed with multiple autoimmune disorders during and after her second pregnancy
  • The disservice to patients when medical professionals are not up-to-date about autoimmunity
  • How rough Katie’s path was as a new mom with autoimmune disorders
  • The journey out of denial
  • What to do when you feel like “I’m not the mom I want to be”
  • How to help your partner or other close family understand your condition
  • How to talk to your kids about your autoimmune disorder
  • The challenge of restricting your child’s food choices in this culture
  • Ways to balance self-care with managing a household and family
  • How to fit in your essential self-care tools
  • Finding support when the going gets rough
  • The challenges of quarterbacking your own health care
  • Katie’s important advice for women wanting to get pregnant who have an autoimmune disorder

Notable Quotes

“Kids are so flexible, and they do just really want you to be there for them, to know that they are loved and that you are their number one supporter. If they’ve got that, all the rest is gravy. It all works out.”

“In the end I think it’s been good for us that we’ve had to slow down and not take on so much.”

About Katie

PrintKatie is founder of AutoimmuneMom.com and lives with her family, dog and multiple autoimmune conditions in Austin, Texas. AutoimmuneMom.com is a website for moms managing autoimmune conditions while raising kids.  It’s a community with equal parts support, humor and expert information for moms to live a whole life with any of the autoimmune conditions they may have.

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