Need a health reboot?

As someone with a chronic illness, I know what it’s like to feel like I would never heal. I kept moving forward, and there was lots of help along the way. So when my colleague Maureen Vincenty invited me to be a guest speaker on her Health Reboot Summit, I said yes! This online series is exactly the kind of thing that can help you reboot your health when you need to! Check it out here.

Julie-Stiles-1-1024x1024In my conversation with Maureen, we’ll be talking about how to live your health challenges as an adventure. Besides that, here is just a small sample of what is going to be covered during this series:

  • What to do to achieve glowing skin
  • How to effortlessly drop excess body fat and keep it off for life
  • The reason you are not sleeping well and what to do about it
  • Important ways to manage stress in your life
  • Effective ways to manage your autoimmune diseases and how to achieve remission
  • Ways to quickly increase your energy so you can do more of the activities you love
  • How to heal your chronic digestive issues so you can get your life back

Would any of these topics make a difference to you? If so, make sure to find out more and jump on board!


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