Saying Yes (or No) to the Call to Adventure: Living Your Healing Journey Part 2. Episode 15 Show Notes

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“The big question is whether you can say a hearty yes to your adventure.”  

-Joseph Campbell

How do you respond to the call to adventure?

In Episode #7, I talked about what a call to adventure is and how one might show up in your life. When faced with that internal crisis of a disorienting dilemma, where you realize that some aspect of who you are or how you’ve been living is no longer valid, you have a choice: to ignore the new information, assimilating it into your current beliefs, or to shift your worldview to encompass it.

If you take what has happened and fit it into your current beliefs, then you are saying no to the call to adventure. Turning down the call is in some ways easier than saying yes as it keeps you in what you already know. It does not lead to the transformation and healing that saying yes does, however at times it might be a valid choice.

When you say the hearty yes, you begin the journey of growing toward wholeness. Being able to respond affirmatively when your identity feels under attack can be difficult, and reframing your experience as a call to adventure helps, as it helps you create goals that are consistent with who you want to be instead of goals that are in reaction to what is happening. At the beginning of your journey, you have the opportunity to say yes (or no) repeatedly, until you say yes enough that the path back has disappeared.

What I talk about

  • Recap of Episode 7
  • The role internal voices play in responding to the call
  • Saying no to the call, and why this can be a valid choice
  • How reframing helps create goals consistent with who you want to be
  • The importance of being present in being able to say yes to the call
  • The blessing and curse of being able to say yes or no in the early stages of transformation

Notable Quotes

“The act of choosing with as much awareness as we can muster and with care for ourselves and trust in our journey can be restorative.”

“It’s so much easier to say yes when we’re in the present moment and not caught up in thinking about the past or our worries and fears about the future.”

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