Seeing For The First Time: Living Your Healing Journey Part 3. Episode 21 Show Notes.

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Photo: KamrenB Photography: Flickr

Photo: KamrenB Photography: Flickr

This episode is the third in the series about how chronic illness can be viewed as a transformative experience. In previous episodes about the call to adventure (#’s 7 and 11), I talked about how the call can cause you to question aspects of your identity and worldview. The call happens in the context of your life, and this episode teases out some of the key components that you might begin to see in a new way.

This new awareness can be difficult because it often reveals aspects of your life that are not working; you see the truth. Yet this awareness is key to begin the process of detachment so you can let go and move forward in the growth process. You might respond to what you’ve realized about yourself or your life in a variety of ways, from denial to depression to excitement. Be with whatever your response is and trust that you are on the path of growth and change.

What I talk about

  • How the call to adventure breaks through the tendency of your context to determine what you see
  • The aspects of your life that you might begin to see in a new way when you get the call to adventure
  • Why seeing anew is so important to moving forward
  • How you might begin to understand your life history and personality differently
  • What types of challenges and potentials you might become aware of
  • How you might begin to notice ways that your current situation is untenable
  • The importance of internally detaching from what you see
  • How you might respond to what you see (in helpful and unhelpful ways)
  • Why you might actually see for the first time more than once (that’s not a mistake) before making a change

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