Seven Steps to Healing: Dr. Lisa Cooney. Episode 16 Show Notes

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What choices bring about healing?

Over ten years ago, Dr. Lisa Cooney was diagnosed with Graves’ disease, and was given the typical medical options. She refused to accept that those were her only choices, and over the next few years healed herself of this thyroid autoimmune disorder through energy healing and biological medicine. In the process, Dr. Lisa realized that her body has consciousness of its own, and that if she listened to it, everything could change.

Dr. Lisa outlines her seven steps to healing, using her own experiences of healing and working with others to illustrate. Choice is key in these seven steps, from choosing to do whatever it takes to be well, to listening to your body, to letting go of what isn’t working and going in the direction of what feels right. These seven steps are designed to open up the realm of possibility in healing and in your life.

What Lisa and I talk about

  • Lisa’s story of getting Graves’ disease and healing herself
  • What Lisa attributes her healing to
  • The importance of listening to your body
  • The seven steps to healing
  • providence_lisaThe role of choice in healing
  • Where medicine needs to go in the future
  • How to begin listening within
  • Why finding more possibility is essential
  • The relationship between trauma and autoimmunity/chronic disease

Notable Quotes

“Once you miss that wave of possibility it’s harder to grab it again. It will always come, but once you teach yourself to miss it you can really teach yourself to keep missing it, and that’s what most of us do.”

“No matter what, have the tenacity of consciousness that you deserve to be happy and you deserve to be well.”

About Lisa

Dr. Lisa Cooney is a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist, Master ThetaHealer™, Licensed Psychotherapist, and Doctor of Psychology with a concentration in Consciousness and Spirituality and Socially Engaged Spirituality. She has for over 20 years taught a trans-disciplinary model of healing that empowers individuals, groups and businesses to awaken, release and create! Dr. Lisa has specialized training in Trans-disciplinary Breathwork, Psychodrama, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Dream Work, Shamanism, and is a ThetaHealing™ Master with a Certificate of Science, as well as a Reiki Master. ThetaHealing™ and Access Consciousness are Dr. Lisa’s passion and she desires moving beyond pathology, illness and dis-ease to living a life wide awake and radically alive!

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