What’s Interfering With Healing? Dr. Daniel Twogood. Episode 40 Show Notes

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Web page pics 077What dietary factors play a role in chronic pain and inflammation?

Many people with autoimmune disorders deal with chronic pain daily. Chiropractor Dr. Daniel Twogood joins us to share how to shift your mindset about what causes chronic pain and disease and how to go about removing the foods that are contributing to inflammation in your body. Based on his thirty years of working with patients to relieve chronic pain and inflammation, Dr. Twogood presents his list of substances to eliminate as well as how to adapt it for your own particular health situation.

What Dr. Twogood and I talk about

  • The link between chronic pain and chronic illnesses such as autoimmunity
  • What it means that disease is a “failure to heal”
  • How what you eat might be interfering with your body’s ability to heal
  • The most common substances that can be removed to calm inflammation
  • What casein and caseinate are and how to eliminate them
  • The bad news about chocolate if you have a chronic condition
  • What an “allergy addiction” is
  • The “withdrawal” you might experience in eliminating foods you are sensitive to
  • Two toxic substances to avoid
  • Taking gluten out of your diet
  • The impact of statin drugs on chronic pain conditions
  • How over-using anti-inflammatory drugs might be exacerbating your inflammatory condition
  • Dr. Twogood’s action plan to improve your health:
    • Change your mindset and take action now
    • Eliminate 100% the foods that are inflaming your system
    • Compile a diet diary to track food and symptoms

Notable Quotes

“To some degree every single thing you swallow or inhale will either contribute to your health or detract from it. It’s either nourishing or poisoning or both.”

“The body cures its disease once it’s not impeded.”

About Dr. Twogood

Dr. Daniel Twogood graduated from the University of California at Santa Barbara in 1973 with a degree in Physical Education. He graduated from Cleveland Chiropractic College in Los Angeles in 1983 and began practicing at the International Sports Medicine Institute in West Los Angeles where he treated many of the athletes in the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics. He opened his own practice in Apple Valley, California in 1985 where he discovered the diet/pain connection. He has written four books on chronic pain, the latest is Chronic Pain Gone 90 Days. He still practices and shares his information in person and through radio and tv.

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Chronic Pain Gone 90 Days, by Dr. Daniel Twogood

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