When Healing Protocols Turn Unhealthy: Angie Alt. Episode 45 Show Notes

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Angie AltWhen does a healing protocol become an unhealthy set of behaviors?

There can be a fine line, as you take actions to promote healing, between when those actions support healing and when they start to detract from it. If you’ve ever started to see a food as “bad” or become obsessed about what you can (or can’t) do, had emotions such as fear, shame, and guilt accompany your choices, or let your healing protocol interfere with relationships, you may recognize this line.

Health coach Angie Alt joins me this episode to talk about how to notice when the actions you take or your mindset about those actions is becoming unhealthy, and how to bring more balance back into your journey, ensuring that it truly is supporting you to heal.

What Angie and I talk about

  • Signs that healing protocol is becoming unhealthy
  • When healing becomes an obsession
  • How the beginning of the healing journey changes once healing begins
  • Creating a healthy relationship to your healing protocol from the beginning
  • Taking the time to develop the right methods for you
  • Honoring your individual healing timeline
  • Asking questions about what to add and when
  • Tips to finding a healthy balance in your healing protocol

Notable Quotes

“Your timeline is going to be way different than anybody else’s timeline. Even those of us with the exact same diagnosis and dealing with the same symptoms have totally different healing journeys.”

“The whole point of a healing protocol is to heal, not develop a burdened heart and mind.”

About Angie

Angie Alt is part of the blogging duo behind Autoimmune Paleo. She helps others take charge of their health the same way she took charge of her own after suffering with Celiac and other autoimmune diseases; one creative, nutritious meal at a time. Her special focus is on mixing “data with soul” by looking at the honest heart of the autoimmune journey (which sometimes includes curse words). She’s also a world traveler who has been medically evacuated from two foreign countries. Strategizing worst-case scenarios is now something of a hobby. She is a Certified Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and author of The Alternative Autoimmune Cookbook: Eating for All Phases of the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol.

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  1. Thank you so much for this! I am over three months into AIP and treatment with a functional practitioner and this podcast was exactly what I needed today. 🙂 So helpful!

  2. Thank you for your podcasts, I just found them and am really enjoying them!
    I have a question about diet timeline. Angie mentions that you might hope to see some results by trying a diet for at least as many months as the number of years you have been sick. I have done that with barely any change. I’ve been on a strict AIP for 3 months after 3 years of illness and only seen a very minor improvement in my symptoms (from a 3/10 to maybe a 3.5/10 functionality). Do you have any suggestions for how long I should keep trying this approach (I’ve also been off of gluten, dairy, soy and eggs for over a year)? Thank you!

    • Hi Katie! Thanks for your comment and I’m glad that you are enjoying the podcasts. I know how frustrating it can be to try something like AIP hoping you’ll see vast improvement and then not see that. Autoimmune disease is complex and could have any number of causes at the source, many of which have been covered on various episodes, and diet is just one. I would definitely suggest working with a practitioner who can help you figure out what might be the underlying cause for you. Everyone is individual; AIP is a blanket approach that works for some and others may need to tweak the diet or even approach healing from a totally different angle altogether.

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